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An air conditioner system uses refrigerant to take the excess heat from the air within the passenger area of the car out of the vehicle, leaving only cooled or 'conditioned' air to be redistributed. Therefore it should be considered critical that the rubber seals are examined for any signs of leaks or detoriation which could be a warning of a loss of refrigerant.

Reduction of refrigerant through leaks or evaporation means your air con system will begin to deteriorate and will have to work harder, meaning more fuel is getting used up. Even new cars can lose approximately 20% of their refrigerant gas in the first 2 years.

To allow for this situation the refrigerant in your Automotive Air Conditioner should be replenished completely within four years of the manufacture date and every two to three years after that.

By getting a Car air conditioning service every 12 months you often help protect the system against costly breakdowns now and in the future - and a well serviced Car Air Conditioning system actually saves you money because it results in a reduction of fuel being used up.

Your vehicle should be brought to a qualified workshop such as Brisbane Valley Mechanical (AU23725) on a regular basis to make sure the air conditioning system continues performing in optimum conditon as well as having the mechanics appraise the condition of the entire car.

Repco Authorised Car Service mechanics perform a 65 point Vehicle Inspection with every service and are able to give you a heads up about any items that may need renewing in the near future or those that are already worn beyond repair.


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Brisbane Valley Mechanical in Lowood are qualified to undertake air conditioning repairs, services and regas on most makes and models of vehicle (AU23725).

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