The next generation of braking is here


Book the best brake service in Lowood QLD with next generation Repco RCT pads and a nation wide warranty for immediately superior braking performance.

Brisbane Valley Mechanical know that safety comes first so that is why we are glad to inform you that Repco’s next generation of brake pads - Repco RCT - are currently available at our Lowood workshop.


Including a stop ready stripe and being the first pad available in Australia incorporating the unique Radial Chamfer Technology, Repco RCT brake pads present unrivalled braking performance.

The stop ready stripe means the need for bedding in is eliminated whilst the use of NBR silent Guard shim and advanced ceramic formulation produce a stable, dust free and quiet driving experience.

It is possible to get a Repco RCT brake pad for pretty much every vehicle model or make commonly found on the roads in Australia, so get in touch with Brisbane Valley Mechanical at the first opportunity to arrange fitting of new generation Repco RCT brake pads for your car.


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